september round-up

I am not going to lie to you good people. This month, it has been incredibly difficult to keep up with the blog because of all of the craziness and I have to apologize! I was going through all of September's posts and thinking "wow, lame!" so thanks for sticking with me this past month! October will be another crazy month but I'm finding a way to balance it all and I'll have some pretty exciting news and that's always good!
 This month I shared some more photography wisdom, two of my favorites were post processing and adding haze to photographs.

I made it a goal this month to dress more creatively, especially since Fall is perfect for layering! Here are two of my favorites. (1, 2.)

This month was a big one for photography. (Wedding season, man!) I loved my fashion shoot with Nicole, (previews) Mike and Brittany's wedding (previews, pt. 1) and engagement session.

I spent my few days off this month exploring PA with my family. Check out Peddler's Village and Hawk Mountain.

I did indulge into autumn a bit this month, and its only the beginning. Here are some of my favorite colors for fall, my favorite songs, and a recipe for my favorite salad dressing

Perhaps my favorite post from the month and possibly my favorite post yet was my birthday letter to sixteen-year-old me.

xo, e.m.

Hawk Mountain

“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man”
Author Unknown 

It's been crazy around here, which is why I was so excited to go to Hawk Mountain yesterday with my family for a hike. I love my job and my clients dearly but I definitely needed a break from emails, editing, and the computer-bound lifestyle. It was nice to get away for a day and spend some time with my family and nature. The view was stunning and I can't wait to go back once the leaves have changed!

Have a great weekend folks! Can you believe that it's almost October? Unreal.

xo, e.m.

ocean city, solo

Last night I had a super fun shoot in Ocean City, New Jersey. Since my partner in crime is back in Brooklyn for the time-being, I braved the two-hour drive solo and enjoyed some alone time at the beach. Growing up only a short distance from the ocean, I couldn't believe that this was the first time I spent some time on the beach by myself. Autumn at the shore means that it's empty, (you wouldn't believe how crowded the Jersey shores get in the summer!) cold, and beautiful. It was a nice change of pace since I'm still recovering from this past weekend. See my tired eyes? Hopefully that'll be gone soon!

xo, e.m.

Mike & Brittany's Wedding Sneak Peeks: Pt. 1

I had to much fun at Mike and Brittany's wedding on Saturday. I spent the entire day and took SO many pictures so I'll be giving little sneak peeks here and there in pieces. Here are a few "getting ready" shots. Stay tuned for part two!

xo, e.m.

choosing colors

Alright, so I'm a little strange. At the beginning of every season, I like to put together a visual journal of my favorite colors and textures. I think this helps me in developing my signature "look" because it encourages consistency in what I wear. Here are a few of my favorites for fall! I tried wearing a lot of black for a couple of weeks, that didn't work too well. I'm drawn to lots and lots of color, I guess that'll always be my thing! I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging, amazing how a weekend off can make a huge difference. It's actually a little discouraging, to be honest. I'll be back though. Promise!

xo, e.m.