Untitled Spring Outfit

It's a Friday so I'll keep this one short: my favorite days are the ones warm enough that flowers are on display on the sidewalk but a light jacket is also necessary. Truly the best of both worlds. This was one of those days.

Best Spots for #OOTD Pics (In & Around Philly)

All walls are not created equal. Sometimes an #ootd is only as good as its backdrop and finding the perfect one can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, I've spent countless hours driving, walking, biking, or otherwise aimlessly wandering around to find some of the best so you don't have to. Pretty sweet, right? After a few years of fashion blogging, I've stumbled upon some absolute gems in (and around) Philadelphia. I'd be remiss to not share a few of my favorites so here's part one of what's sure to be an expanding list.

La Femme

I've been all about experimenting with clothes and combinations I wouldn't normally wear lately. Gingham and borg: kindest of bedfellows? Probably not. Am I into this look regardless? Very much so. Paired with the most chic little graphic tee I could find and some classic little booties, this ensemble proved to be the perfect getup for a Sunday afternoon down the shore. 

Cherry Blossoms

At the risk of bringing a streak of misfortune upon myself, I have to say that I've been feeling pretty fantastic lately. I've really prioritized self-care and haven't been depriving myself of things like Workaholics marathons, early-2000's-girl-power-jams at full-volume in the car, and carbs. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again after months-- maybe even years-- of tumult.

Despite allergies and that whole "spring forward" thing, spring may very well be becoming my favorite season. The symbolic rebirth is something I've really needed lately and the cherry blossoms are a fantastic visual reminder. I've been in the winter of my life for so long and now to see brighter days ahead is so important and so beautiful.

Florals: A Collaboration with PHL Fashion Bloggers

One of my favorite things about fashion is that it is so open to expression and interpretation. You could give three different people the same pair of trousers to style and I guarantee you'd end up with three completely different looks. It's truly a beautiful thing, and that's why I'm loving these monthly PHLBloggers collaborations. This month, we settled on florals. (Of which you know I'm a huge fan.) After deciding on that trend, we all had the freedom to style it however we wanted. Don't we all look fabulous?

Black & White & Black & Brown

I love this outfit but it also served as a cruel reminder to the harsh reality that is chub rub. This early in the season, I can kinda deal with it because my legs are just happy to not be suffocating in the darkness of their denim shroud. I can tell you this though: it gets real old, real quick. Nonetheless, I'm probably going to be wearing this black denim skirt almost every other day this Spring and well into the summer. 

(Almost) Barely There Makeup

There have been but a handful of days in my entire life when, mostly in early summer, I've woken up, rolled out of bed, and miraculously looked adequately presentable. Something about that sun-kissed glow, the perfectly-tussled bedhead-- so effortless. However, I can't be so lucky every day and more often than not, I need a bit of help. Recently, instead of putting on my whole "face," I've been doing the bare minimum for some barely there vibes. Since I had so much fun putting together a post about my nighttime skincare routine, I decided to do one for my morning ritual. All you really need is some lotion, a dab of foundation, highlighter, some strategically-placed bronzer, and mascara. Ready? Let's go! 

All About Spring 2017 Trends

I've always been more of an autumn girl but as the years have gone by, I've grown to adore spring fashion. I always look forward to watching the shows, as they give me a little ray of hope to hold onto when those winter nights get long. Spring 2017 has been especially wonderful. You may have already seen my yellow dress? Be prepared to see a lot more yellow-- not necessarily on me-- but you know, just "out there." Also be prepared for stripes, platforms, and HELLA asymmetry.

Read more to see where you can find some of my favorite pieces that may very well get you through Labor Day:


Ah, spring in Philadelphia. It's a beautiful thing. You don't have to wander too far to stumble upon a charming row of cherry blossom trees. The streets are full of bright-faced pedestrians ambling, tentatively stepping and welcoming each distraction. It's a nice change from the rushing, bumping into every other person, just trying to get to wherever they need to go. We had such a day. These photos were taken two-thirds of the way through a leisurely stroll that accidentally turned into a multi-neighborhood trek with various distractions and no destination in particular. 

Black Overalls

Ah, April. After a few emotionally exhausting days, B and I are laying in bed as I write this-- eating soy nuts and watching Archer. Have you ever thought you had everything planned out perfectly, got invested in it, then had it all fall apart? We're reeling, which is why I'm taking a few days off from blogging this week. Need to use that creative energy to clear my thoughts and think about our next more. More on that later though.

Let's talk about these overalls, okay? When I don't know what else to wear, they're my go-to when I just want to be "cute." Not necessarily sexy. Just cute. Same with a good boho top. Because I've been in such a bad place, I needed to double-up on the foolproof cuteness to make sure I was presentable.