Velvet for a Hot Winter Date

Does anybody else have trouble finding winter-appropriate date night looks? Or is it just me? Though B and I don't go on many dates because we're the biggest homebodies, when we do have an evening on the town, I like to get gussied and do it right. Velvet is perfect. It's fuzzy but in a very sleek and sexy way. The fact that it's extremely touchable doesn't hurt either. (Imagine me raising my eyebrows and winking just then.)

Grown-Up Shoes for Doing Grown-Up Things

While neither the most interesting nor the most planned-out outfit I've put on, I think this one is going to have some sentimental specialness attached to it. Why, you may ask? Well, it happened to be the outfit I chose while B and I took a big step towards becoming "proper" adults: we started looking at houses. Crazy, right? While we get our finances in order (and prayer up-- startup life-- right?) we're still casually browsing just to get an idea of what we want. I gotta say though, this kind of responsibility is harrowing. All I can say is that I'm so thankful that my parents came with us because every time the realtor asked me a question, I kind of forgot that she was asking me. I had many "I need an adult" moments. That might be what adulthood is though, no?

Anyway, I wanted to pick out clothes for the day that would do this occasion justice. Something grown-up but not too grown up. I actually ended up piecing together some of my favorite basic pieces-- something I need to do more often.

Black Denim Culottes

Thanks eShakti for sponsoring this post!

This year thus far has been all about me getting out of my comfort zone. I tend to wear a lot of dresses and skirts and save the jeans for super casual days. I always saw skirts and dresses as a way to cover up the undesirable parts of my body. You know-- just get a flowing dress or structured high-waisted skirt and nobody will know that you're-- well-- a little chubby. Plus-- our bodies are immensely different. There's no way the average pair of jeans is fitting over these buns, you know?

When eShakti reached out and wanted to send me some clothes, I gravitated towards their dresses (which I've done in the past, as seen here and most recently here) but decided to get a pair of custom-fitted jeans.

All About Flowers & Blush

When I was in middle school, hot pink and black was the color combination du jour. I can still feel those jelly bracelets on my wrists and specifically recall my AIM profile: a pink Circle Takes the Square lyric with a black background. (I know. So edgy.) Now that I'm older, it makes me cringe a bit but I've still got a soft spot for pink and black. I like to think of dark floral and blush as the grown-up version of my angsty teen aesthetic.

As Real As The Streets

Not sure if this look is necessarily "blog-worthy" but I kinda like it. It's definitely a lot more "street style" than usual for me but I'm into it. It's actually so street that I had to make a Workaholics reference in the post title. (If you knew what it was before watching the video, we might have to become best friends.)

A Floral Pantsuit For A Nashville Brunch

Hey y'all! (That was my best Nashville impression-- how did I do?) My BFF and I just got back from a road trip to Nashville and Richmond. It was a whirlwind, sort of this last-minute idea that we forced to happen. I'd say it turned out quite well. 

I don't usually try to match my surroundings when I travel-- because why wouldn't I just stamp "mega-tourist!" on my forehead instead?-- but when it came to brunch in Nashville, I went full-on floral pantsuit. That's somewhat southern, right?

All About Outerwear

I love me a good winter coat. If I had unlimited funds, I'd probably own one in every color and every style. I don't have a ton of cash at the moment though so I'll stick to admiring from afar. Here are a few of my favorite coats and scarves for this season -- especially that dreamy little striped number on the top left! 

Floral Pajama Pants

I'm about a week and a half late but happy new year, guys! I took a short but unexpectedly much-needed break. (Though I must say, I missed you all dearly.) Something about the winter gets me down. I don't mind the cold but there are only so many ways you can gussy up a winter coat. I kinda balled out at the Zara sale and snagged me a pajama-style-pant-suit. (No, they're not actual jammies.) I've been trying to find ways to mix and match it and am kind of loving it-- sans jacket-- with boots and a turtleneck. What do you think?