Black Stripes & Denim

Sundays are my absolute favorite. We've definitely talked about this before but I feel the need to reiterate just how much I love the first (or last, depending on where you're from) day of the week. It's the one day I give myself to take it easy. I only make plans if I absolutely must. It almost always includes coffee, people watching, and window-shopping.

This particular Sunday was especially lovely. As we were wandering about town, we stumbled upon this little slice of nature. Alright, so it's barely "nature." It's just a small green space between a gigantic shopping center and a quaint-but-busy street. Nonetheless, it was perfect for prancing in an ankle-length denim skirt, which is just what I did. (Watch out Fräulein Maria, there's a new carefree bitch in town.)

H&M Striped Top (similar)   |   Primark Denim Skirt (c/o)   |   Steve Madden Ankle Boots   |   Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)  |   LAGOS Jewelry Bracelet (c/o)   |   Madewell Transport Tote

xo, e.m.


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