Some Serious 90's Vibes

Go ahead: try and think of something more 90's than a sunflower print mini dress, an oversized denim jacket, a velvet choker, a bucket bag, and a block heel. Let me tell you, aside from gratuitous amounts of Drew Barrymore and a half-decent American economy, there's not much. I owe this look partially to the fact that I've been watching a lot of Friends and who hasn't been at least subliminally influenced by any sartorial combination of Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe? Not sure if any of the Friends would wear this look but I can guarantee I could make it as an extra in the background of a Central Perk scene if I wanted to.

Vintage Sunflower Dress (similar)   |   Vintage Oversized Denim Jacket (similar)   |   Zara Bucket Bag   |   New Look Peep Toe Mules (similar)  |   ASOS Velvet Choker

xo, e.m.


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