Mid-Winter Uniform

I've been wearing this jegging/shoe/coat combination basically nonstop lately. If you read this blog often, you already know this. Today was certainly no exception, just with a few changes. Instead of the usual almost-all-black, I peppered in some grey tones and added a different kind of hat. It's a little more casual-- and dare I say sportier (minus the shoes)-- than the usual and that's why I like it.

American Apparel Top (similar)   |   Zara Jeggings (similar)   |   H&M Vegan Leather Jacket (similar)   |   ASOS Coat   |   Zara Mules (similar)   |   ASOS Fishnet Tights   |   Deandri Choker   |   Carhartt Hat 

Also, Carhartt hats being "cool" is super weird. I'm not sure about elsewhere but growing up in New Jersey, Carhartt gear was kind of a piney thing.

xo, e.m.