Black Metal

I laughed out loud when I saw that Vetements started selling their own black metal-style tees for $1,300. If you know anything about black metal, the irony won't be lost. While some were up in arms about it, saying they can't believe a design collective is cashing in on something we all used to get made fun of for being into, I decided to roll with the punches and dust off some of my old band tees. Let's see how it turned out.

Zara Jeans (similar)   |   ASOS Coat   |   Levis Jean Jacket (similar)   |   Deandri Choker   |   Doc Martens   |   Chloé Bag (similar under $40)   |   ASOS Fishnets   |   Burzum Tee   |   Free People Hat

black metal, vetements, blogger, burzum, streetwear, fishnets
Not sure if Varg would approve but I feel like anything Varg would approve of might be found in a list of "things to stay away from."

How are you adding some sentimental old pieces back into your wardrobe?

xo, e.m.