Muse: Claudine Auger

Despite this warm weather I've been talking about, I'm starting to get a little bout of the mid-winter sads. It's not quite Seasonal Affective Disorder but I've been feeling a little low on inspiration lately, which means it's time for another muse! Since I'm trying to get my body ready for spring dresses and skirts, I'm inspired by Bond Girl Claudine Auger's classy-yet-sexy vibes. We've all got a little Domino in us, so why not try the look?

All you need to recreate some Thunderbolt vibes is a figure-hugging bodysuit and a mod a-line skirt or shorts. Pretty simple, right? Accessorize with some ankle boots, chunky jewelry, and some perfectly winged eyeliner. (Oh, and some nude lipstick, of course!)

xo, e.m.


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