Black is the Warmest Color

I tried to write this post without mentioning the weather but I just can't because it is so damn cold. It's not that I don't love it, it's just not an easy transition to make when it comes to dressing up. My go-to in every other season is "all black everything" so what makes winter any different? (Though I'm aware it isn't technically winter just yet.)

philadelphia, fashion, blogger, style, vegan, leather, black, bohoPhiladelphia, Fashion, Style, Blogger
Aside from dressing in layers upon layers, I like to carry a cup of coffee around to keep my hands (and my heart) warm. Simple but effective. How do you cope with sub-freezing weather?

xo, e.m.

jacket/ H&M (similar), turtleneck/ Uniqlo, pants/ Cynthia Rowley (similar), boots/ H&M (similar), necklace/ ASOS, bag/ Prada (similar under $150)


  1. Gorgeous! --Kylie

  2. You always look stunning! Such an inspiration! :)
    Looks lovely there! Your outfits are perfect too; very seasonal and classy! :)you have an amazing style! I love all of your posts. The quality of your pictures is amazing.

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  3. Lovely outfit! I really like black but I don't wear much of it in the colder months (weird) but most of my black clothes are tank tops or lightweight jeans so if I did I'd be too cold. I need to stock up on black knits and coats.

    Marta -

    1. Definitely. I love black because it's easy to look effortlessly chic in black! Especially when it's layered.

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