Always Wear A Baseball Cap

I had quite the weekend, friends. I attended my first hackathon, which was a whirlwind experience. A friend who knew I went to design school (and maybe didn't know that I dropped out?) asked if I could do UI/UX for the weekend. I'm not sure sure why I agreed because I knew absoultely nothing about either of those things. Probably had something to do with the fact that there was money involved? Nonetheless, I downloaded a free trial of a program I'd never used before and set out to do the (seemingly) impossible. I haven't challenged myself in a very long time so overcoming those obstacles was enough in it's own way. Though we didn't win, a lot of experienced designers and developers complimented my work so I'd say the weekend wasn't a total loss.

After a long weekend of almost no sleep, there's nothing like putting on some comfy clothes and  grabbing a hot cappuccino. Oh, and can't forget that baseball cap because when you're this mentally exhausted, there's no time for good hair days. You win some, you lose some.

xo, e.m.