Herringbone and a Dark Lip

In a perfect world, every plan we make flawlessly works out. It sounds easy enough in theory. In practice? No dice. You may have seen that my anniversary was this past weekend. Joyous occasion, without a doubt. I found the most perfect vegan restaurant in New Hope, went shopping for a classy yet still kinda sexy outfit, and spent hours on my hair and makeup. I had it all under control. Until we got to the restaurant and I realized that I had forgotten to make a reservation. Should have known that the coolest eatery in town wouldn't have a table available on a crisp autumn evening. Lesson learned: always call ahead.

Primark, blogger, blog, style, over the knee boots, laurent, co-ord, jacket, skirtNYX, liquid suede, club hopper, blogger, street, style, herringboneI don't know about you but I love a good co-ord. When I saw this coat, my heart skipped a beat. When I saw that it had a matching skirt, I nearly died. I can't wait to style it other ways now. I'm thinking it may look great with a black turtleneck and some Mary Janes.

sac de jour, saint, laurent, blogger, street, style
I kind of felt like I was ready to explore London in this getup. Of course, that's only because of my American ideas about how English people probably wear a lot of herringbone and bow ties. Can anyone across the pond confirm?

This has easily become my favorite look for Autumn, which I know I said about the last one and will probably say about the next one as well.

xo, e.m.

skirt & jacket/ Primark, boots/ Stuart Weitzman, top/ ASOS (similar), bow tie/ ASOS (similar), bag/ Saint Laurent (similar under $150), lipstick/ Mac Vino liner and NYX Club Hopper


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  3. The outfit is gorgeous! I love that the coat and the skirt match. You just gave me inspiration for an outfit haha

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

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  6. Fig & Wedge? Super good there. But where did you end up eating??

    1. Sprig & Vine! We ended up at Duck Sauce in Newtown, one of my favorite restaurant in Bucks! Highly recommend checking it out.

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  8. Love this edgy look.



  9. Gosh, I adore this look so much! I totally hear you on the British vibes, but as you said, that may just be an Aussie way of envisioning London fashion! I am also LOVING that lip colour on you! Sorry you missed out on that restaurant for your anniversary, hopefully you found an equally as tasty place to eat and get to try that place another time!

    1. Thank you! You should try out this lip color, it would look so good on you! And yes, we ended up at one of my favorite fancy Chinese restaurants. Thanks! :)


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