Brooklyn Baby

When life gets hard, sometimes you need to kidnap your best friend and bring her to Brooklyn for a day of vegan donuts, people-watching, and other various Instagram-worthy moments. Okay so maybe that's not exactly how it happened but we found ourselves in New York and decided to make lemonade out of the lemons life (so unfairly) handed to me. And what do you do in Brooklyn? You put on a felt hat and do your best to stand out while also blending in.

I don't think to wear this dress from Zara (last seen here) often but when I do, it rarely disappoints. So simple and crisp. I paired it with my favorite Docs, an oversized bow tie, and casual little jacket. After my afternoon in BK, I decided that next year, I might just hibernate during the summer and come back out in October since autumn weather is just so much more conducive to good outfits. Okay maybe not but perhaps I just need to move to a colder(ish) climate? Who knows what this next year will hold. There's been a few wild twists in the past few months so... I guess we'll see!


dress/ Zara (similar), jacket/ Free People (similar), shoes/ Dr. Martens, tie/ ASOS (similar), hat/ NastyGal (similar), bag/ Chloé (similar under $200)

***Photos by Deb Kiehlmeier 


  1. That hat looks amazing on you! And the dress is gorgeous.

  2. This jacket is giving me life right now <3
    And that bow is reminding me of the one from American Apparel I used to wear circa 2007. Those were the days.

    1. For real. As soon as I saw Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wearing one, I was like "YES! THEY'RE BACK!" And hopefully here to stay.

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