Put A Bow On It

Sometimes you open your closet and realize that there are just some pieces you like more than the others. (Favorites, if you will.) I don't know why I'd never thought to wear all of my favorite items of clothing at once but I did yesterday and was not disappointed. Pretty great all-star lineup, no?

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I started with a crisp white blouse and oversized bow tie. I'm told the technical term for it is "pussy bow" but since I have the sense of a humor of a 12-year-old boy... well, you know. Pairing them with my beloved floral shorts and a pair of tights seemed like a given. It needed more though. I love this long camel blazer and how it completes any look, especially this one. I'm thinking it's giving off some major Londoner vibes. I finished off the look with my favorite Doc oxfords and Prada bag. Simple and classic. Perfect for an evening out.

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What are some of your favorite pieces? 


top/ ASOS (similar), bow tie/ ASOS (similar), blazer/ ASOS (similar), shorts/ Urban Outfitters (similar), boots/ Dr. Marten, bag/ Prada (similar under $150


  1. That's a gorgeous outfit! I never thought of wearing all of my favourite pieces together at once, that seems like a great idea!

  2. Really gorgeous shots and the huge bow really ties everything together in a super cute way!

    1. Thank you! I love it. It adds a playful edge to everything I pair it with.

  3. Looooove that bow blouse! This entire look is such perfection. My favorite piece is a black blouse from Madewell with huge sleeves!

    xx Chelsea

    1. Thank you! And oh my goodness I am LOVING the statement sleeves trend. I hope it never ends.

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