Sustainable Shopping with Greene Street

Thank you Greene Street for sponsoring this post!

Who isn't at least thinking about shopping ethically and eco-consciously lately? Like many of you, it's something I've thought about but didn't know where to start. Luckily, my friend Alli at Greene Street invited me to come to the store on South Street to play dress up and learn a little bit about fashion and sustainability.

Secondhand shopping is having a huge moment right now thanks to documentaries such as The True Cost highlighting the importance of shopping ethically. As consumers, we're getting more and more interested in where our products are coming from and how they're getting to us. It's not a bad problem to have because it's made a lot of us more sentient. On the other hand, shopping ethically-sourced clothing can be pretty pricey, especially when you're building up a wardrobe from scratch. I mean, who wouldn't love to fill her closet with Nanette Lepore? (85% of her pieces are made right in NYC!) It's just that $400 for a sweater is a little... unrealistic. (For most of us.)

Greene Street started in 1997 to give shoppers an alternative to fast, disposable fashion. Sustainability is at the heart of their business model: and they showed me some tips for shopping smart.

Search for pieces you'll wear over and over again.
Look for versatile items of clothing that can be worn on a few different occasions. I loved this Free People flannel with jeans but it would also be cute tucked into a skirt or tied around the waist with a dress. One thing about dressing smart is keeping relatively new items of clothing out of landfills. Opt for timeless, high-quality pieces so that even when you decide to part ways with a shirt or a dress, it can be donated.

Bring a friend and let her dress you.
I probably wouldn't have picked this outfit for myself but I kinda love the beach vibes. Shopping doesn't have to be a solitary experience. I had so much fun just chatting with Alli while we were pulling looks. She picked this shirt up and though I liked it, I didn't think I could really pull it off. It looked great, proving that other people might just know you better than yourself. Shopping secondhand is a great idea for friend dates because you never know what you might find and having a second pair of eyes never hurts. 

Look for basic pieces and gussy them up with fun accessories.
One of my favorite things about playing dress-up at Greene Street was the jewelry! There were so many unique pieces. We had fun pairing this white tunic with this fun crocheted bib necklace. Look for basics but don't be afraid of trying out some statement pieces, especially because you might come across some rare gems. 

Have fun with it!
We all-- myself included-- take ourselves too seriously. Go out and buy a grandma skirt and make it your own.

So how about it? I can't wait to head back to Greene Street. If you're local, make sure you stop by! They have stores in Bryn Mawr, Chestnut Hill, Manayunk, Wayne, West Chester, South Street, and Lambertville, Princeton, and Red Bank New Jersey. Be sure to follow them on Instagram so you don't miss any of the cutest items they have to offer! 


***photos by the one and only Danielle Conyers.


  1. Oh, all these outfits are great! And you look flawless.

  2. Love it! Most of my favorite stores are "fast fashion" & I feel a bit guilty about it, ha! I'm trying to find more boutiques & shops that have more sustainability. It definitely hurts the wallet more, but it's worth it! Next time I'm in Philly (hopefully soon- miss it) I'll have to pop in Greene Street. :)

    PS All these outfits look lovely on you!

    1. Aw yes!! Let me know when you're in the city and we can grab some coffee. (And thank you!)

  3. I love Green Street! I pop in the south street location at least once a week. I've found so many great finds in there, and it feels good to shop in a sustainable way! I love all of these outfits!

    1. Thanks love! Yes, I definitely want to get down there more often. I was kind of overwhelmed at how much they had!