Best Friends Wear Matching Shirts

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Summer weekends are the best. Danielle, Brenden, and I have formed this "Three Musketeers-esque" bond and spend our days doing the yuppiest of the young urban professional activities. This weekend, we went to at least three different coffee shops and an Ikea.  As "vanilla" as those things may be on their own, I'm gonna go ahead and chalk up "going to brunch in coordinating tops" as one of the whitest things I've ever done. (Can't speak for the others.) Come to think of it now, this "J. Crew model" pose isn't helping.

Fennec, Design, crop, top, Etsy, Philadelphia, fashion, blog, style, ombre, balayage
Fun fact: I went to Brooklyn later that night to see my friend's band play. There was a girl who was wearing the same outfit as me. Same exact top, extremely similar black skirt, black platforms... it was weird and also made me feel really uncool. Her name was Kat. If you're out there Kat, I want to let you know that you have great taste and you're welcome to brunch with us any time.

e.m. (& Brenden.)

tops/ Fennec Design, skirt/ H&M (similar), shoes/ Mtng

**Thanks Danielle for helping out with the photos! (CHECK OUT HER INSTAGRAM, IT'S REALLY GOOD.)


  1. This outfit is SO good! You are the cutest! :)

  2. cute, that would be pretty cool if you ran into that chick again..

    1. Haha right? I did something really creepy and I found her on Facebook. I didn't add her though because I realized how weird that would have been haha ;)

  3. Oh my gosh you two are so damn cute together. It's too much.

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