Lady Date in Fairmount: What We Wore

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This past weekend was a throwback to the days of yore when I would work overnight on Fridays and Saturdays. In a strange way, I missed it. Those hours create this loophole in which I can sleep in extremely late without sacrificing productivity. I get done at 8AM, sleep until 2PM, then usually wander around the city with Danielle. Our little ritual always includes coffee and this particular afternoon was no exception. Obviously we stopped along the way to take some photos.  

Madewell, Transport, tote, black, street, style

I know, we're really cool and you want to join our crew.

e.m. (& Danielle)

MY OUTFIT: dress/ Witchy Spirit, shoes/ Mtng, hat/ ASOS, bag/ Monki via ASOS, tote/ Madewell (my new fave!), sunglasses/ Ray-Ban


  1. Loving your outfits!
    Your hair looks really nice and that hat looks great. :)

  2. So into hats this season! love the platforms too- 90's inspired- fabulous!


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