A Day at the Beach

Are you guys ready for a story? Alright. So I flew to California last week. While strolling around the airport and looking for some "Not Starbucks" coffee, a creepy man sauntered up to me and said something really gross. It was 4:30AM and I was not having any of his nonsense. I gave him a dirty look and continued my search, all the while thinking to myself, "goodness, I hope that man isn't on my flight." As I made my way back to the gate, much to my chagrin, he was waiting in line to board the same exact plane that I was. He was talking to this other strange man and making comments about the women standing in line. He said another inappropriate thing about me but then added, "but her legs are a little pale." WOW, THANKS.  

I think it's funny now because I complained about the man and asked if he was sitting near me. Turns out, he was. I got my seat upgraded and smugly chuckled to myself whenever I walked by him to use the restroom. I was livin' large in first class while he was stuck next to a crying baby from Philadelphia to San Francisco. Instant karma, am I right? Anywho, if you have pale legs like I do, you should be proud of them because you could be an insanely terrifying Tom Petty lookalike with no self-awareness instead. Be thankful for your flaws because you could have it much, much worse.


dress/ American Eagle, jacket/ GAP, shoes/ Mtng, bag/ Monki via ASOS, hat/ H&M, sunglasses/ Ray-Ban


  1. That's such a great story! And a good moral.

  2. you are very pretty :)

  3. I gottcha girl. I have Casper's legs and I rock them the best I can without blinding passerby's ;)

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