Be Free

Yesterday, my dear friend Amber and I did some exploring up in Bucks County. It was raining but the earth was vibrant nonetheless. The park was almost completely silent except for a few diehard runners and some deer, which we came to befriend. (The deer kind of terrified us at first, that is, until we realized what they were.) Amber is an incredibly talented photographer-- she somehow managed to get a smile out of me. (Sneaky.) Seriously though, check out her work



  1. You look like a forest goddess! Your crown is absolutely fabulous. I love it <3

  2. I love your pictures, and your flower crown! So dreamy and the colors of your crown are great, did you make it yourself?

    1. Hey! Thank you :) I didn't make it, I got it from ASOS-- here's the link:

  3. You are so beautiful! These photos are amazing ♥


  5. I've been going through the posts I missed out and even I like them all this one is really gorgous. U reflects something dreamy and look really beautiful.


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