Night on the Town

I would be delusive to not confess my ongoing obsession admiration of Kim Kardashian's sense of style. Forget what you think about her as a person, the way she dresses is on point. (I also think she's very beautiful and has a fantastic set of eyebrows.) I tried out that aesthetic for a night on the town. To be honest though, I was a little self-conscious in this figure-hugging skirt/top combo. It was great for one adventurous evening but until I'm a little more comfortable with my bod, I think I'll stick with how I usually dress. Still, it's fun to try a little something different every once in a while, no?


skirt/ Helmut Lang (similar), shirt/ American Apparel, shoes/ Vince Camuto (no longer available, similar),  bag/ vintage, watch/ Michael Kors


  1. You look so good! Love the outfit

  2. Wow, girl, you look like a model! This seriously shows off your curves in the best of ways. It definitely feels a bit Kim Kardashian inspired.


  3. WOW! You look incredible. You have so my class and style. :)

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  5. I almost bought one of those skirts... now I really wish I had. Love your outfit!



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