V-Day Gifts for Your BFF

You've spent this past month trying to avoid the dreaded candy aisle because you know that you'll impulsively purchase and proceed to eat an entire bag of Juju Hearts. You've put up with listening to your friends' disgustingly cute Valentine's plans with their significant others and you've scoffed at every man you see buying flowers or helplessly sifting through rows upon rows of overly-glittery greeting cards. The term "singles awareness day" really speaks to you. Girl. You've earned a chocolate bar for yourself but you should also use this day of perfunctory thoughtfulness to surprise your girlfriends with a little something. Just a little gift, sassy yet sweet; something that says "hey girl, thanks for being my wingman and for also putting up with my constant shenanigans." Here are few of my favorites. All of them will be pretty easy to find in stores because this list is a little "last-minute" side. Don't forget the heartfelt hand-written note!



  1. Oo love this! Can I buy this for myself instead? ;P


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