these days

Days like today are rare and extraordinary. It was my "first day" at my new job and I feel tender and content but my mind is also running at the speed of light. As in most situations, honesty is the best policy so here's a little bit of what's on my mind.

1. I'm so glad to be in Philadelphia for the time-being. If this is how my career is going to start, I'm honored that I can begin in my hometown. It's a beautiful city and I've never properly explored it.
2. I'm uncertain about how this life-change will affect this blog but I don't plan on getting off of the mighty interwebs any time soon. For a few weeks, I may be posting less frequently but you won't be getting rid of me that easily!
3. I really need to commit to memory the difference between affect and effect. I checked it on Google three times and still am not sure if I used the correct one above.
4. I'm thankful that I can afford a car that I love and also that I enjoy driving, since I'll be spending a considerate amount of time on the road. This is a small blessing but a much-appreciated one.
5. I can't wait to get my appetite back. Seriously though, I've been so worked up that I've barely been able to eat, which is extremely rare for me.
6. I'm going through some wardrobe changes (business casual every day, what?) and I'm strangely excited to share some of my new looks with you.

Here's to new beginnings. Do any of you have any exciting opportunities coming up this fall?



  1. Starting a new job is always so daunting! I love your positive outlook on it though.

    Best of luck! I'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out :)

  2. eep! so excited for you lady! can't wait to hear more about it as you clock more hours there. you'll be great, i'm sure.

    one way, maybe to remember the difference between affect & effect is to remember that an effect is something that happens after-the-fact. cause & effect. and e comes AFTER a in the alphabet. maybe? or even trying to remember it by phonetic association. repeat the phrase "cause and eee-fect" in your head a few times. then when you need to recall it while writing, you'll have it "pegged" to something -- a memory trick i've always found useful.

    sorry. that was a novel. just over the moon for you, really! : )

  3. Good luck on your first day, I hope it goes well! Super excited to hear all about it :)

  4. congrats on your new job :)
    funny about number 3, because I was just thinking about that yesterday. haha.
    have a lovely weekend :)


  5. These sequined flats are the cuuuuuutest!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying reading your blog - your photos are beautiful and I love that it reads a bit like a diary :)

    (I'm not great at commenting frequently so just needed to say that, haha) xx

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