I'm a little sad today. I would be lying if I said I wasn't. I miss blogging, I feel as if I have no time to do it lately. This whole lifestyle change is hitting me a lot harder than I thought it would. I'm still trying to figure out how to "do it all," which is just about as difficult as it sounds. A little encouragement would mean absolutely everything to me, especially from those of you who are employed full time and still have time to blog. How do you do it? I keep waiting to fall into a new rhythm and it just isn't happening.

In other news though, here are my goals for this autumn. A bit different than the ones I had at the beginning of the year, no? They're all a little more "big-picture" than short-term. I've been reading a lot more lately, and this is something that I want to keep up with. If I want to make it in the news industry, I need to constantly be pumping myself full of knowledge. Books, new and old, is how I plan to achieve that. I also have been realizing that I wear a lot of dresses. I love them but I need to branch out more. I think that making a point of wearing more separates will stretch my fashion muscles a lot and I'll come up with some new outfits that I love. The last goal is going to be difficult. I used to see myself as more of a "free spirit." Working for yourself give you that kind of feeling. Now that I have a fixed schedule, my creativity is a little "off." It doesn't have to be this way. I just need to figure out how.

Do you have any goals for the change of the season? It's kind of a strange time to make some new goals but... who am I kidding, it's never a bad time to make some goals.



  1. I only just starting working full time myself and I understand your predicament. Blogging makes me happy and keeps me sane and if its the same with you then you need to make sure you schedule a certain amount of time per day/week dedicated to blogging or reading other blogs. It will give you something to look forward to.

    If you dont make time for what makes you happy, you will go crazy. Trust me, I've been there and its not fun at all.

  2. I miss blogging as well :/ This semester of school has been brutal so far, and I'm sure it won't let up! I like your clothing goal. I feel that I need a switch in outfit habits as well.

  3. I work full time and am able to find time to blog, but it took me a couple of months to find that routine last time I changed jobs. I usually find time when I'm waiting for my dinner to finish cooking, or when I have a programme on that I've seen before. I never have the time to make time specifically for blogging, but multitasking makes it OK for me - multitasking is your friend :)

  4. I think that it just takes time to get into the routine. If after a couple of months it's still not working then maybe you could try reworking things, as in getting up earlier or going to bed later so you have time to blog and check comments, or scheduling posts if you don't already. You could try blogging when you have a little bit of time or while multitasking with something else. I tend to write posts when I'm on my way to and from university and it's just a case of typing them up when I get home!

  5. gorgeous.. i loved these inspirational points. our creative energy cannot always be burning bright.. sometimes it sinks low to an ember, but just wait, it will soon catch fire. and brilliant things will come of it!

  6. i have always been a full-time student and worked part-time when i started blogging, which is pretty much the same as a full-time job. it's really about finding a balance, cutting out the nonsense you can waste your time doing (like you said, web-surfing and tv!), and really focusing on what YOU want to blog about.. and when you focus on things you enjoy and do on a regular basis, blogging will come naturally and there will always be time for it. and if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, stop for awhile. it should be fun, not stressful :)
    i hope this advice helped!

    lindsey louise


  7. I totally know how you feel about juggling day-to-day life with the blogging world. Ever since I started college I've had sooooo little free time to devote to my blog! But I'm trying to make it a priority every day. I love your autumn goals!

    Xo, Hannah


  8. i love your goal to turn off the computer and read more... that is something i have been telling myself these days as well and reading it here (online, oops...) is a great reminder!

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