is it okay to wear white yet?

I never understood all of those rules about wearing white. "Don't do it before Memorial Day or after Labor Day," "white shoes and bags are okay all year though!" "wait, never mind, they're not." Nobody can seem to agree on it which is why I just wear it whenever I please. (Snark snark snark.) Growing out my bangs and embracing the middle part has got me feeling like Mila Kunis from that 70's show. Okay, I'm not that much of a babe but I'm gonna TOTALLY indulge in the style anyway. 


dress + flower crown/ h&m, shoes/ jeffrey campbell, bracelet/ DIY, tights/ target


  1. your hair looks amazing! and i'm loving that dress. miss you ma! xo

  2. Actually, you in fact ARE that much of a babe. Embrace your bareness : )

  3. Pretty girl! I wear white whenever I want, too. I like to think it's because I'm rebellious, but I'm pretty sure I'm just too lazy to keep up with all of the ridiculous "rules"
    xo Heather

  4. I'm completely enamored with this dress and the pairing of it with the crown.. awesome!
    Who cares about the white rule? I don't!

  5. Wear white whenever you wanna! Especially when you're channeling that 60's vibe! Love that look!

  6. It is absolutely okay to wear white now, especially when you look this freakin' good! You're seriously gorgeous. You look like a romantic spring nymph or something. I love how you made the sweet dress a little edgy with black tights and tough shoes. And yeah, your hair is pretty amazing. Following you now!

    May the force be with you.

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for checking out my blog!