falling in love with my city.

I love New York. I always have. It's an amazing place and I hope to live there soon. Philadelphia on the other hand.... mehhh. (That's my attempt at writing an indifferent grunt.) Growing up right across the bridge, Philly was always "that place you go when you're bored." In fact, the picture above, I took that back in high school. The only reason why we went into the city that day was for sandwiches. Yes, we sat in city rush-hour traffic and paid a $4 (at the time) toll just to bring some sandwiches home. Needless to say, I took my close proximity to this beautiful and historic city for granted. It was always nice, but I've found a new love for it. I don't know if it's just the warm weather or what but I've had an urge to explore Old City every day lately.

I always take my camera in but get so caught up in the whirlwind of city life that I forget to take pictures with it. (I have managed to take a few iPhone snapshots though!) Can't wait to share some more with you guys, hopefully it'll make some of you in other parts of the country (and world?) want to come and explore my city.


(If you wanna see more of Philly from my point of view, here's a trip to the art museum, a trip to The Franklin, and this lovely proposal.)


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful city. I hope I can feel like this about my hometown one day.

  2. Pretty photos and I think you should get your camera more often and share more photos of the city with us!

  3. a four extra dollars for really good sandwiches has got to be worth it.

    1. absolutely! especially here in sandwich capital of the world! (I just made that up but it's gotta be at least somewhat true!)

  4. Beautiful pictures as usual !

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