feelin' foxy

When eShakti asked to send me another dress, I was unbelievably excited because I'm absolutely in love with the first one. I'm always afraid to order clothing online but with them, I'm two for two with great experiences because they offer an amazing customization process. I've got super short legs and dresses and shirts always hit me at an unflattering place so this is kind of a big deal for me. Definitely go and check 'em out! 


dress/ c/o eShakti, tights/ the loft, shoes/ seychelles, barrette/ diy 


  1. You look lovely :) Love your shoes xx

  2. Gorgeous dress! Simple stunning. Adore the little shoes too! :) xx


  3. You look fantastic. That dress is so dainty and pretty. And I love your fox headpiece.

  4. I love this outfit! Such a pretty dress, and you look adorable! -Jessica L


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