guest post: blythe ponytail parades

Hello all you lovely Lark & Lace readers! My name is Violet and I am here to share a little bit with you while E.M. is in China being awesome!

I am an Indianapolis based wedding and portrait photographer and a blogger! I love creating and I use my passion for art in both photography and my blog. Last month I was able to photograph Erin's senior session at a local park in Broad Ripple, Indiana. I am so blessed to photograph stunningly beautiful people all the time! I went with filmy tones in editing this session and I was really excited about the results.

We were so excited to still have fall leaves on the trees for this session. Because it was shot in November, we could have expected any kind of weather, but instead got 80 degree weather and beautiful fall leaves. Indy is pretty bi-polar with weather :P

Thank you so much for having me today E.M.! You are awesome and I am so crazy excited to hear all about the wonderful things you see and do in China. Feel free to come say hi at my blog! I love meeting new people and fellow bloggers. You can also find me on Facebook here.

<3 Violet

Thank you so much for stopping by Violet! Everybody, I'm a HUGE fan of Violet's work and her blog is always full of adorable things. Please go and check her out!


  1. I love these photos♥

    xx Barbora♥

  2. What a beauty! I'm really interested in that editing style.

  3. Hi,
    Amazing photos taken photographer .I am interested to follow this style....


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