back at it!

Told you I'd be back in the swing of things soon! It's cold here. Very cold. Feels like eight degrees. Yep, eight! I love it though, it was getting too warm back home! There's snow on the ground here. SNOW! (I'm a snow bunny, in case you didn't know.) Today's (well, yesterday's) outfit isn't anything too special. I love this sweater though, it's so warm! The kids here loved it too. They loved playing with the tassels and putting the folds of fabric over their heads. So adorable! I'm off to go play with them again!


sweater & bag/ urban outfitters, jeggings/ fade to blue, boots/ target, top/ old navy, necklace/ f21


  1. Ouch, 8 degrees! Sounds painful ;) Love the outfit.

  2. the is amazing post i love this post

  3. This outfit is simply gorgeous! I like how you match a basic denim blouse to get such awesome outfits.

    1. Thank you! I've learned over the years that the smart thing to do is to have lots of basic pieces because they ALWAYS work!

  4. i adore this outfit! the coat and the bag, all of it work well in a carefree casually stylish way. :)


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