Fall Florals

Florals for fall: love 'em? Hate 'em? They've been a constant in my life. I'd like to think about this look as a grown up version of this floral robe outfit from 2013. (Warning: images are a bit cringeworthy.) 

Zara Floral Kimono (similar)   |    PacSun Ribbed Choker Tee (similar)   |   ASOS High Waisted Cropped Jeans   |   Zara Sock Booties (similar)   |   Cult Gaia Bamboo Carryall   |   Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)

I guess you like what you like, right? Thankful my style has evolved just enough since then. (But I haven't forgotten my roots!) 

zara, kimono, autumn, fall, fashion, street, stylefloral, silk, kimono, fall, street, style, blogger
xo, e.m.


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