Grown-Up Shoes for Doing Grown-Up Things

While neither the most interesting nor the most planned-out outfit I've put on, I think this one is going to have some sentimental specialness attached to it. Why, you may ask? Well, it happened to be the outfit I chose while B and I took a big step towards becoming "proper" adults: we started looking at houses. Crazy, right? While we get our finances in order (and prayer up-- startup life-- right?) we're still casually browsing just to get an idea of what we want. I gotta say though, this kind of responsibility is harrowing. All I can say is that I'm so thankful that my parents came with us because every time the realtor asked me a question, I kind of forgot that she was asking me. I had many "I need an adult" moments. That might be what adulthood is though, no?

Anyway, I wanted to pick out clothes for the day that would do this occasion justice. Something grown-up but not too grown up. I actually ended up piecing together some of my favorite basic pieces-- something I need to do more often.

Zara Jeans   |   Uniqlo Turtleneck   |   Zara Mules (similar)   |   ASOS Coat (similar)   |   Ray-Ban Sunglasses   |   Chloé Bag (similar under $50)

black, jeans, ripped, jeggings, E.M., Ricchini, LARK, LACE, Chloe, Drew, bloggerZara, mules, jeggings, Chloe, Drew, bloggerHere's to new chapters! I seriously doubt I'll look this put together throughout the entire house-buying process so I'm going to enjoy the calm before the storm. 

xo, e.m.