Black Denim Culottes

Thanks eShakti for sponsoring this post!

This year thus far has been all about me getting out of my comfort zone. I tend to wear a lot of dresses and skirts and save the jeans for super casual days. I always saw skirts and dresses as a way to cover up the undesirable parts of my body. You know-- just get a flowing dress or structured high-waisted skirt and nobody will know that you're-- well-- a little chubby. Plus-- our bodies are immensely different. There's no way the average pair of jeans is fitting over these buns, you know?

When eShakti reached out and wanted to send me some clothes, I gravitated towards their dresses (which I've done in the past, as seen here and most recently here) but decided to get a pair of custom-fitted jeans.

Zara Top   |   eShakti Jeans (c/o)   |   ASOS clutch   |   DIY choker   |   Zara Shoes

I put on a little-- alright-- a lot of weight since the last time I took my measurements but didn't realize until these jeans arrived and I had to awkwardly shimmy and stomp around the room to get them over my massive, um... love handles? (WHO decided that term is okay to use?) Nonetheless, once they were on, I took a shine to them. I like them so much that I'm going to work out extra hard to get to my old weight so I can wear them without suffocating my nether regions. 

I love eShakti so much because you can get expert tailoring without having to actually go out. I wanted these pants to be a bit shorter than they were selling them so I entered my height and marked that I wanted the hem to hit just at my ankle. I also made the front pockets a little more shallow so the bags wouldn't bunch up and give me outer thigh wrinkles. (Which is definitely a real thing.)

Having said all of that, I'm off to spend some quality time with an elliptical machine. 

Thanks again, eShakti!

xo, e.m. 


  1. Not sure how i got here, but i just want to say i think you look absolutely GORGEOUS!! The kind of lady i´d offer to lay my coat over a puddle for on a rainy day...Or just lay flat on my back in it myself, if i didn´t have one, so you could use me to cross safely to the other side! :D

    Love, Jack

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