Wear What You Want

Thanks SheIn for sponsoring this post.

WOW. Is it really almost September? I have one thing to say about that: good riddance, summer. This one's been unbelievably tough and I'm ready for the brisk autumn air to bring some healthy changes. (One of which being a more regimented blog schedule. Yes, more than once a week!) One thing that can stay though? Off-shoulder tops. I've gotta figure out how to make 'em last all the way to Christmas. This one gifted to me from SheIn is definitely a favorite and since it's nice and neutral, I think I'll be wearing it well after the boys of summer are gone.

To keep this look comfy and casual, I paired the top with some of my favorite pants. Nice and breezy! So maybe not the most flattering but I'm learning that style is so much more than just "wear what looks good on you" because honestly, that's kinda boring.

While we're disregarding fashion rules, can we also get rid of no white after labor day, curvy girls should wear clothing that's tight at the waist, and no black and brown? They're all pretty useless.

Back to summer though, because I've got a lot to say about it. Though this summer wasn't the best, I finally feel like I'm out of my seemingly endless fog enough to enjoy the last few weeks and I made a list of what I want to do:

  • Celebrate my birthday on the beach with friends
  • People-watch while eating a banana whip on the boardwalk
  • Get (somewhat) tan (if that's possible?)
  • Perfect my vegan coleslaw game
  • Jump into a pool off of a diving board (haven't done this in YEARS.)
  • Try SUP surfing for the first time
It's a pretty humble list. Can I do it all? I have faith in myself. Will check in at the end of September and report back.

Thanks SheIn for gifting me the perfect end of summer shirt, can't wait to see how else I can style it!


***Photos by Brenden Shaver.


  1. Great look!



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