Muse: Françoise Hardy

Ever fall into a rut and need some fresh inspiration? I'm there. Oh yes, I'm there. Whenever I need a little boost of creativity, I turn to the internet. Lately I've been into dreamy 60's vibes. My Google image search history is full of ladies like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot (MAKEUP GOALS) but my all-time favorite will forever be Françoise Hardy. If you don't know her, it's alright: no judgments here. She's a French chanteuse who changed a lot of style conventions in her time. She was sort of the free-spirited, gentle-mannered answer to "Bardot culture." She didn't wear a ton of makeup. She was a breath of fresh air in a time where femininity was over-exaggerated. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière once called her "the essence of French style." She's effortlessly chic, which is what Parisienne chic is all about. (At least to me!)

Françoise rocks neutrals like no one else. She wore short skirts but a lot of jeans as well. (Flared, of course.) Boots are a must. Oh, and of course a good newsboy cap! As for makeup, she wore winged eyeliner and not a whole lot else. See? Effortless.

turtleneck    /    skirt    /    boots    /    sunglasses    /    hat    /    button-down    /    jeans    /    ankle boots    /    moto jacket    /    belt    /    eyeliner    /    bag

Who's your style muse been lately? Always looking for fresh inspiration! 



  1. I need to find a new style muse - one that goes with my lifestyle so I can draw some new inspiration for business casual outfits to wear at work. I think my fav are the fringe ankle boots.