Lady Date: Not Another First Friday

I always talk about how much I love First Fridays. To be fair though, what's not to love about them? There's free booze, a reason to browse through art galleries, and prime people-watching. I always feel like I need to step up my outfit game for First Friday because the Philly's most fashionable all emerge and descend upon Old City for the occasion.

If I'm ever having a hard time deciding what to wear, I immediately grab something black and white. Problem solved... instantly. I've been trying to be more intentional about the contents of my wardrobe. I've been trying to stick to grey, black, white, and camel. It makes it that much easier to piece together an ensemble. (Highly suggest trying it out.)

They may not be very cute or trendy but I will always love my Docs. Guys, so punk.

Danielle is always by my side for my Philly adventures and she looked so good, I made her stand on the other side of the camera for a few shots. Her Free People dress slays me. Every time.

I'm so thankful to live in a city with such a booming creative community. I've been feeling nostalgic and looking back on old blog posts. It's interesting to see how my style has changed and evolved, especially since I moved to Philly last spring. (I always get like this around my birthday... it's a little pathetic.) 


my dress (similar), my shoes, my bag, my hat 


  1. Yay for punk! And I feel you about birthday nostalgia. Last weekend I turned 22, and had a bit of that myself.

  2. I really love the outfit! I'm thinking of picking up more clothing with a similar color scheme. it always looks good! Those black Docs.. YES

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