Beachy for Brunch

We had a wedding in Newport, Rhode Island this weekend so of course we went out exploring when all the festivities were done. If you've never been, it's an incredibly adorable town and I suggest stopping by if you're within a reasonable distance. We wandered around a bit and settled on a super crunchy hippie breakfast place. One of the best parts about staying in a beach town is that you can dress like you're on the beach... even when you're not! That means you can do some serious multitasking: yes. I'm talking about getting a tan while you're eating brunch. What a time to be alive.

It was a short trip but I can't wait to get back to Rhode Island. It was pretty much a mix of all my favorite things: salt air, cozy Victorian homes, and breathtaking seascapes. I just can't believe it's taken me so long to explore my little corner of the United States. To quote Gob Bluth, "I've made a huge mistake."


top, skirt (on sale!), shoes (similar), necklace, bag, pom pom


  1. Rhode Island sounds like a cozy & quaint place to be! If I ever get to travel, that sounds like a fun state to visit. :)

    1. It's beautiful. I seriously can't wait to go back! (And when I do, I'll have to be sure to make a little travel diary of places to eat, shop, and stay!)

  2. BOOM - you look phenomenal! great outfit!

  3. BOOM - you look phenomenal! great outfit!