Halloween. I've never been into it. I think it's a cool holiday and I can dig the vibes but the general shenanigans associated with dressing up and going out, I just can't get on board with. You know how I feel about social situations and as far as the costumes are concerned, I've always been a bit of a Jim Halpert. If I was to go out, however, I'd probably wear one of these little numbers. If you need a good last-minute costume, look no further. 

1. Mermaid: A plain green skirt will do just fine here, extra points for sequins or a little peplum detail. Pair it with a regular tee or a crop top, which you can embellish with this simple DIY. Add some nautical touches such as a shell purse, starfish earrings, or a rope bracelet, some matching green pumps, and you'll be looking' fine strolling along down a-- what's that word again-- oh, street. BONUS: Carry a fork around to fix your hair just like Ariel with her dingle hopper.

2. Cat: I know, I know. This is the most predictable one of all but it's a classic and there's a reason it's been repeated for (probably) centuries. Leather or faux-leather leggings are very on trend right now so if you don't already own a pair, you should have (relatively) no problem finding a pair. Add a biker jacket, some sexy boots, and some DIY ears. BONUS: Cats are always sitting in the corner judging everyone so why not capture that same snark in the form of a graphic tee?

3. Tina Belcher: How could you not love this one? Find a simple navy blue skirt and a baby blue tee. Pair with some tube socks, Chucks, and thick black glasses. BONUS: An affinity for backsides.

What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? 



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