In the Wilderness

Danielle and I took a little trip up to Tyler State Park this weekend. Goodness, I love that place. It's right by my mom and dad's which means that it's the perfect distance outside of the city. It was a good trip that I needed in order to clear my head after an intense work week. Our exploration quickly turned into a random little outfit shoot. (Bloggers..........) I've been learning the importance of an "escape" every so often and I cherish these moments. If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Go outside. Wear a big hat. Get your feet dirty. Get a little bit too much sun on your nose and cheeks. Don't care about what you look like but somehow still manage to look almost fabulous, as I've managed to do here. Explore. 


*photos by the lovely and talented Danielle Conyers.


  1. Such a great outfit, you look great! And I completely agree with you on the need for an escape. I'll tell ya, I'm so ready for one. Haha

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

    1. That's my homework for you for this weekend then! Get away :)


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