Often times in weddings, there are always a large amount of photos that don't make the initial cut. I try my best to capture every little detail and feel that sometimes that I may go overboard in this and that some details may seem "irrelevant." Something I've learned though is that even the smallest details are so important. I've never been married but I understand that the day goes by so quickly and including the tiniest details make reminiscing even more joyful of an experience for the bride and groom. If you're new to wedding photography, this is a good little trick to remember! Even if there's a few that you don't give to the bride and groom (like the one of CJ above holding ALL of the bouquets or the one at the bottom, which made the cut but I ended up cropping myself out) these little moments are always good to keep for yourself, if for nothing else than a reminder of how much you love your job. So go ahead! Always have extra SD cards on hand and don't be afraid to snap away.



  1. haha, I love the Pepto one! That was hopefully a keeper!

  2. I love that Pepto one, and the holding all the bouquets all at once.

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  3. These photos are all so lovely, I'm a huge fan of outtakes! I shoot a lot of film and I try my best to capture the smallest but most important moments in life. You are a wonderful photographer and I love your blog!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. the pepto is such a cute/funny memory

  5. so, so true. usually detail shots end up being some of my favorites from weddings. i think the best tip that i heard was if you're thinking of tossing something out…(it's not a great shot, it feels repetitive, etc.) first answer these questions: can i crop this to make a good shot in some unexpected way, or, can i collage this with another one to juxtapose the details? i've saved some neat photos that way!

    i especially love the last one & the hymnals. just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

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