Lazy Weekend

Contrary to what you may see in the blogosphere, looking "OMG SUPER CUTE!" every day is just another unrealistic expectation. Sometimes I think that bloggers don full makeup and get manicures just to pose with macarons for Instagram. Not so much here, especially on Saturdays. Saturdays are the day I get done work at 8AM,  (yes, eight in the morning) take a little nap, toss my hair up in a half bun, put on some mascara at the most, and Seinfeld my way around Philly with my BFFs. Yes, we "Seinfeld" our way around. This is the term that I use for when we go to a coffee shop, order the same thing we always order, and make comedic observations about the people around us. It's a really good way to spend time. On this particular day, Danielle, Brenden, and I went to La Columbe. Despite getting a lot of judge'y looks from various onlookers (all of which were the kind of people who wear unnecessary slouchy beanies indoors and listened to a band "before they were cool.") when I pulled out my camera, it's one of my favorite coffee shops. I'll risk being viewed as a tourist to write about it for you guys someday. 


p.s. What do you guys think about the way I've been trying to splice "fashion" posts with "lifestyle" posts? Just trying something new for 2015, a.k.a. "The Year of Being Real." (Which is a phrase coined by the boys at Overnight Drive.)


  1. Yea, I like the ootds with a little something more

    1. Thank you! My life is certainly interesting enough ;)

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