Everyday Lip Color: My Favorites

When you get to a certain age, you acquire the common sense to realize that you just can't rock a red lip at work. (If you haven't gotten there yet, consider that a cautionary word of advice.) Fret not though my dears because it turns out that there a lot of very lovely neutral or earth tone lip colors that will still bring out your inner bold, sassy self. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

MAC - Honey Love
This is perfect for daily wear. It's a warm beige, with rose tones. I particularly love this one because it's completely matte, which means that it'll stay on FOREVER. If you're looking to pull off the Kylie Jenner look, this color is probably the best one for that. (I know, I know, but c'mon, her lips are always looking fab.) It's especially great when paired with MAC's Et Cetera liner. See it in action here

Alternatives: L'Oreal Fairest Nude, Rimmel Nude Delight, Neutrogena Just Whisper

Too Faced - Honey Bear
Lots of honey, right? This one is smooth and has a little more shimmer than Honey Love. It's more mauve-toned but still very warm. The little bit of creaminess will immediately give you a sexy pout. This is B's favorite lipstick. (For me to wear, not him...) Because of the shine, it would transition well from daytime to a night out for drinks or a dinner date. OH, this one also scores some major points because it's Lemon Cake scented. Yum. See it in action here. (Paired with the same Et Cetera lip liner mentioned above!)

Alternatives: Revlon Super Lustrous, Maybelline Warm Me Up

NARS - Anna
This is probably my all-time favorite lip color. It's a smoky rose and it looks good with everything. (Literally, everything.) I love it paired with Sephora's Native Nude or Queen Quartz liner. It's See it in action here. Warning, this one sells out quickly so snatch one up while you can. 

Alternatives: Colour Pop Lumière

What are some of your favorite lip colors? 



  1. I love this post! I was just looking for some new colors to try! This totally helps!!

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  3. Love the fur surrounding the lipstick tubes, so glamorous
    And why can't you wear red to work?

    1. Thanks! Ikea ;) Some may say that red isn't very "professional." Ya know, boring grown-up stuff.

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