derecho style

So yesterday I (and probably you as well) experienced my first derecho. At least my first when I actually knew there was a word for it. Basically, it rained and rained and rained and didn't stop. It's been doing a lot of that lately here. (Any Northern-East-Coasters feel me?) I finally decided to say "screw you, rain!" and dress up. I didn't do any quirky blogger things like dance in the rain or jump in puddles but I did get of lot of weird looks from sweatpant-clad onlookers who seemed to be angry (jealous.) that I was neither soaking wet nor miserable about the weather. That's gotta count for something, right? Hope y'all have a great weekend and stay safe and dry. I've got a wedding in Maryland so I'll be back next week with some goodies for you!


Skirt, button down, sweater, & socks/ American Apparel, bracelet/ thrifted, shoes/ H&M, hat/ U.O., bag/ Michael Kors, sunnies/ Old Navy 


  1. I am IN LOVE with this. You look perfect and so lovely.
    Also, I am jealous of how developed your center part is, because I'm attempting the same thing currently, and boy, is it s l o w going.

  2. Love this outfit from head to toe. Have an awesome weekend at that wedding. :) No use letting a little rain drag you down.

  3. Fantastic. Love the hat. You look so rad

  4. Loving your blog, my darling! I'm the newest follower. Keep up the awesome work!! Such a place of inspiration! Xo, kaylyn (

  5. you go girl! don't let that rain keep you down. i can completely relate to the sentiment, when i think back on living in seattle. rain day in & day out. it was tough sometimes.