life is colorful

I'm so thankful for my iPhone's little camera. It's nice to look through the photostream at all of the amazing colors and textures that I'm surrounded by and so hard to not be inspired by it. There is beauty in everything and everywhere and it's important to reminded of it every once in a while. 



  1. What app did you use on the 'greetings from nyc' pic? :)

  2. Where is that BEAUTIFUL beautiful black bag from? xo

    1. It's Michael Kors but I bought it at Bloomingdale's :) If you don't have one near you, you can find it online here:

  3. Why can't you live near me?! Everything in this post I want to be in, listen to, wear, or enjoy. Not even kidding. :)))) Love it all!

  4. i couldn't agree more! i have MAD love for my iphone, for that reason, every single day. also: that "NYC" font is amaaaaazing. and left hand milk stout is made so close to us, here in co!


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