Denim & White Sneakers

I've been falling away from blogging a bit, something I know should come as no surprise to those of you who've followed for a while. I've been in a rut, uninspired, and, worst of all, stuck comparing myself to everyone else who seems to be killing the game. You know the kind of people I'm talking about. Endless wardrobe, seemingly constantly aesthetically-pleasing surroundings, doing nothing but floating from coffee shop to coffee shop creating great and engaging content. I don't know if I can keep up with it. I tried for a while and realized how disingenuous it all is. I look at some bloggers' feeds and think to myself, "damn! Who is financing this wildly aspirational lifestyle? Where are you storing these outfits full of pieces that never seen to repeat? Who the fu** needs that many handbags?" I took a few short breaks from social media because of it. I ended up feeling frustrated with the state of my hair, the shape of my body, and the fact that, more often than not, my ensembles are a little less than blogworthy.

I was getting dressed for a coffee date a few weeks ago when I thought to myself, "hmm, I look kinda cute today." My respite from Instagram was paying off. With no darlingly-dressed, perfect eyelashed bloggers with their untangled-layering-necklaces laid atop perfectly bronzed collar bones, I felt like it was okay to be me. I was 100% prepared to kiss blogging goodbye because I hated feeling compared– or rather, comparing myself– to those expectations. I'm not kidding. I was drafting a "so I'm going to call it a day..." post. When you're putting your life out there as #content to be consumed, it's difficult to not feel the need to fit this certain mold. Some things just "sell." Some things inspire an engaged community. I tend to not surround myself with those things. Want me to be blunt? We all know the blogger stereotypes. I don't wear Glossier. I haven't a single piece of Mejuri bling. I felt bad about that. And I thought to myself, "WHY?" (Nothing against Glossier and Mejuri. I might try them someday, I might just be being a little bit of a contrarian at the moment.)

I made a goal to start being more real on this platform again so here I am. Sort of disheveled, more casual than most, nothing particularly memorable about this look, but I'm still feeling it. So, if you're in a rut like me, put on a pair of ripped black jeans, your favorite sneakers, and an oversized denim jacket and wear it proudly. Forget what everyone else likes. It doesn't matter.

Vintage Oversized Denim Jacket (similar)   |   Zara Cropped Sweatshirt (similar)   |   River Island Distressed Black Denim Jean (℅)   |   White Vans Old Skools   |   Madewell Transport Tote

xo, e.m.


  1. YES. From one contrarian to another, yes to all of this.

  2. Honestly, this outfit is uniform most days. And I appreciate you as a blogger. Your style is consistently you. And I love the "real-life" take you've been more vulnerable with sharing. It's a more consistent narrative when "blogger" you is the same "real-life" you. Blogs that push sales and "content" for content aren't really the blogs I like to follow anyways. I look for inspiration and passion. If you're still passionate about blogging, keep on keeping on. Be real. Be you. Don't play the comparison game, and only do it if you love it. Let's get coffee in the real world soon <3

    1. YES PLEASE!! <3 I would really love that. And thank you for your kind words!!

  3. Girl, I've always loved your style. And I understand and have been dealing with and feeling pressured by the same situations. I think people follow you for who you are, and the fact that your style is you. Don't change it, don't try to fit into a mold - you'd be trading the exact thing that people love you for.

    1. Thanks so much lovely. The encouragement is so welcomed and appreciated.

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