Velvet & Floral

Thanks River Island for sponsoring this post!

Floral is a favorite of mine but I don't have to tell you that, do I? I let the outfits speak for themselves. What's better than a little floral dress? A little floral dress made of velvet. Bonus points if, by some sort of witchcraft, it's also sheer in some places like this one from River Island. Dresses and tights for autumn: more a more iconic duo. I'll wait. 

Still not sold on florals for fall? I also love this mini dress with the sweetest little bow accents, this asymmetrical tie-neck dress, and this sequin floral t-shirt dress. Tights are optional but I'm a big fan so I'll say they're recommended.

What are some of your favorite looks for fall?

xo, e.m.


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