Black & White & Black & Brown

I love this outfit but it also served as a cruel reminder to the harsh reality that is chub rub. This early in the season, I can kinda deal with it because my legs are just happy to not be suffocating in the darkness of their denim shroud. I can tell you this though: it gets real old, real quick. Nonetheless, I'm probably going to be wearing this black denim skirt almost every other day this Spring and well into the summer. 

PacSun Choker Top (similar)  |   MSSHE Denim Mini Skirt   |   Steve Madden Ankle Boots   |   Levis Bandana   |   Madewell Tote   |   ASOS Sunglasses (similar)   |  Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o)

I love all of these pieces separately so of course I'm very into this look as a whole. Yes, it's simple, but simplicity works here. 

Well, I'm off to stop procrastinating doing my taxes... hope you all have a great week!

xo, e.m.

P.S. Brenden (and Charlie) looked so cute in these pictures that I couldn't help but share them. Enjoy!


  1. Such a classic color combo!



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