If I had to describe what my go-to "uniform" is, it would undoubtedly be some variant of (blazer + stacked heel shoe) x black + statement necklace. Ever since I started being a lot more intentional about buying clothes, I've found that a black blazer is a must-have, along with a comfortable but classy shoe. If you have those things, the possibilities are endless.

All it would take to make this outfit office-appropriate would be to ditch the ripped-up crop top and oversized necklace and add a blouse and some minimal jewelry. Blazers, man. So versatile. If you're a youngin and looking for your first job, you gotta grab a blazer. You don't even need to spend a lot of money on it: For example, check out this one from Forever 21. A boyfriend cut looks great on every figure and since it's so cheap, you can definitely spring for those alterations. 

Finish the look with some bold jewelry and you're set! I love unexpected combinations so to add some personality, I paired this business-friendly blazer/pant combo with a ripped tee. I was a sucker and bought it from Urban Outfitters (don't judge me, it was on sale) but if you're the frugal type, here's a DIY. (Not exactly the same but there are some great ideas on there!)


blazer  /  pants  (similar)  /  shoes  /  necklace (similar)  /  bag  /  watch

Photos by Danielle Conyers. Follow her on Instagram!


  1. Love this look! So classic. I've been very into black these days

    1. Thank you! You really can't go wrong with it ;)

  2. i really like how you rock the bold jewelry and making this look chilled and classy!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog while looking for fashionblogs from philly!
    I'm actually from Germany but I currently live in Philly for three month.
    Whatever - I really like your blog and this look!

    xx Mai
    Sparkle & Sand