Denim on Denim & Pink

Alright, I'm going to say it before somebody else does: "that sweater doe!" Did I just read your mind? There's a strange juxtaposition going on with my closet at this point in my life. A majority of my clothing is black, grey, or otherwise dark, moody tones. There may be a clean, minimalistic graphic tee thrown in there (black, of course) and the occasional brown accessory. Then, there things like this disgustingly cute pink deer sweatshirt. If somebody who does not know me was to sift through my wardrobe, she may assume that I am some sort of deranged adolescent. To complete the whimsical "dress up" look that I've got going on here, I paired the unexpected with some timeless brogues and a denim button-down, both given to me by one of my new favorite clothing companies, Joules. Their pieces are simple, classic, and extremely high quality. I love their versatility. I wear this button-down at least once a week, I'm not even joking. Check out their collection and keep your eyes out for a little collab with Joules, yours truly, and my beautiful friend Chaucee.


sweatshirt/ ASOS, button-down/ ℅ Joules, jeans/ thrifted, shoes/ ℅ Joules, bag/ Louis Vuitton, jacket/ F21 (on sale!), watch/ Michael Kors, lipstick/ Yves Saint Laurent Rouse Vermillion

*photos by Danielle Conyers // This post was sponsored by Joules however all opinions are my own.


  1. That is such a cute look you put together! :D

  2. You are so perfect. I love the double denim and that cropped Bambi sweater is totally adorable.

    1. Thank you! I actually thought of you when I got this sweater :)

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