Title is Irrelevant

I've been kind of sad lately. It's my weekend (holla) so I wasted no time in coming back home for a few days. Shopping with the girls of the house, drinks on the deck with my parents, cuddles with my pup... it's a dream. Just getting away for short periods of time is enough to realign my perspective and priorities. I've been struggling with body positivity. I'm lost somewhere between "I don't need to change for NOBODY" and "wow, I'm really hating this back fat right about now." My remedy for these kinds of moods is to not allow myself to wear makeup for a few days. It may seem a little strange but it forces me to focus on accentuating what I have instead of trying to cover it all up. Give it a try. It really works.


top/ Urban Outfitters, jeans/ American Eagle, shoes/ Urban Outfitters (similar), hat/ Free People, bag/ Louis Vuitton 


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