I love Manhattan because I can wear things that I'd get weird looks for in a small town like the one I grew up in. I also hate Manhattan because I ended up walking around Union Square in bare feet at 1AM because I tripped over a sewer grate and broke one of my shoes. (My beloved Jeffereys, yes.) I found out the hard way that no matter how clean the sidewalk may look, there are tiny little shards of glass everywhere. It's okay NYC, I still love you. Just let this be a lesson to all of you who may be reading this...
Pants/ F21, Blouse & Blazer/ H&M, Hat & Bracelet/ U.O., Necklace/ ModCloth, Bag/ Michael Kors, Sunnies/ Old Navy, Shoes/ Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Oh no! Not the shoes!
    I would love to visit NYC one day. I guess I won't be wearing heels though. Ha!
    You look beautiful. :)
    Love Sparkle Pretty

    1. Definitely visit, it's a beautiful city. And you can wear heels, just be extra careful if you're a complete klutz like I am ;)

  2. I love the jeans with those shoes! Gorgeous combination!


  3. :( Sad day. But you look gorgeous and flippin tan girl! I'm jealous!!!

  4. oh gosh. i'm so, so sorry about your shoes. i would be so upset.

    but i do still hope you had a smashing time in the big city! i LOVE it there. i'd move there in a heartbeat. but i think i'd end up in the williamsburg/brooklyn area. move me into a brownstone! i don't need a yard, or a parking space -- just good, quaint places to walk to! i swear, i spend more time fantasizing about dwelling that city than anything else. or at the very least moving back somewhere out east. i miss it every day!

    also, those pants rule, and you're like, amaaazingly gorgeous.

  5. uhm. i know i already left you an epic, lengthy message…
    but let me just say, also, that photo #2 of you:
    you have never looked more beautiful.
    that's all.