Bow Ties Make me Brave

Temple University's Fashion and Business school asked me to come to one of their meetings as a guest speaker. As soon as I sent that "YES!" email, I started digging in my closet to find an adequate ensemble. I mean, these are fashionable students. The bar is high. I tried to go edgy... and realized I just looked like Steve Buscemi in 30 Rock. (Those few years between me and the college crowd are starting to get a little noticeable.) I tried "fancy, but not too fancy" and ended up just looking like a sad bridesmaid. I decided to go with a classic E.M. outfit-- because you really can't beat the classics. I got dressed and headed out only a few minutes late. The outfit was the least of my worries though... it was time to get over my biggest fear: Public. Speaking.

Before I get into that saga, let's talk about my outfit. I'm just going to buy nothing but black and white for the rest of my life. Okay, I probably won't but I really want to. Getting dressed is so easy when all you have to worry about is if something is wrinkled or stained. Or smelly. No worrying about clashing colors. I feel like even patterns all match in black and white. Try to mess up while mixing black and white patterns: I bet you can't do it.
I really love this bow tie. It makes me feel powerful, though I can't say exactly why. I will say that I needed that extra little boost of confidence though... because I was (somewhat coerced) into getting over my crippling fear of public speaking. (Which is weird for somebody who often dabbles in the prospect of picking up standup comedy as a hobby.) This dress is another go-to for me. If you read here often, you've seen it a lot. You can see other ways I've styled it here and here.
See how tiny I look up there all by myself? It was slightly terrifying at first. No, it was very terrifying. It felt amazing to conquer such a huge fear that I've had for my entire life. When I heard I'd be talking to about 50 students, I started thinking of sudden ailments I could just happen to "catch" to get out. I'm not exaggerating when I say I was actually scoping out the area and devising plans for any possible escape scenario. My anxiety was very high. I looked at Brenden and said "I'm going to throw up." He said "no you're not" and texted me a funny photo. After stumbling over my words and making a few awkward faces and uncoordinated gestures, I looked around and realized that these people actually wanted to hear me speak. I loosened up a bit and even told a few jokes. We had a great time of conversation and I got some questions that really caused me to think and dig deep for a good answer.

I can't thank The Fashion and Business Club enough. Hanging out with them was truly a joy and I was actually a little sad when it was over! It was refreshing to see others so interested in blogging or otherwise making their own way in the business world.

Check out their website-- they have a blog and a style book. You can also follow along on Twitter or Instagram.


Dress (similar), top, tie, shoes (similar), hat, bag, watch


  1. Congratulations on being a speaker at the university. What an incredible experience.

    1. Thanks so much! It was such a joy, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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