Unicorns and Holly

Skip N' Whistle is wonderful for making these classy ugly sweater tees and even more wonderful for sending me one to style. I decided to style mine in the spirit of Jovie, my favorite sassy department store elf. I've been loving a high ponytail lately. It's low maintenance and high... ponytail. (I tried to be clever right there but it didn't really work.) December has slipped through my fingers in the most tragic of ways. My brain has been so fried that I wasn't even able to put two and two together to realize that Christmas is less than a week away. (I blame Thanksgivukkah for throwing me off.) I'm not kidding-- I spent the entire day telling people that I still have two more weeks to shop for Christmas presents. The worst part? Nobody even corrected me! I just happened to look up at my advent calendar and saw only a few spaces left and my jaw hit the floor. Whoops. I can tell you any local news that's occurring in the Philadelphia area but I can't tell you when Christmas is. Anywho, I digress. These ugly sweater tees. Seriously great. Go and grab one while you still can



  1. December has flown by! It's so crazy, I'm still not done with getting gifts. I need more time hahah

    I love these shirts. I've been seeing them a lot lately and the unicorns one is definitely my favorite!!

  2. only 2 comments on this gem?
    You look charming & very wintery splendid.
    nice outfit.

  3. I am a huge fan of high ponys too. They're the best. I also thought there were two weeks, until Friday when I had the realization that it was my last weekend to shop.

  4. Well don't you just look stunning with the snowing pouring down on you! I love your outfit!

    Xo, Hannah


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